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Hair care

10Tips for beautiful hair:

Hair care is an important part of a women's daily routine.
Following these easy and simple beauty tips for hair will give you a beautiful, lustrous and thick mane of hair!
1-Avoid hot tools because these hot tools can actually be detrimental to adding length and thickness to your hair.
2-drinking water helps to give you healthy hair and is a part of your hair care regime.
3- Reduce your stress because Certain hormones are released when you are stressed which have a direct correlation to increased hair loss.
4- Don’t brush your hair when it’s wet because Wet hair is weaker than dry hair.
5-Give your hair a treat with a tablespoon of olive oil and 1 beaten egg mixed together. Apply on hair and leave for 30 minutes you'll have the shiniest hair.
6-Stay away from hair dyes and relaxers. Just like heat, the chemicals present in dyes and relaxers are highly likely to cause breakage in your strands.
7-Never take bath in hot water since it loosens the roots of hair.
8-If you have curly hair, don't straighten it all the time. It will damage your hair in the long run.
9-You can encourage fast your hair growth by:
     Handling your hair with care.
     Avoiding washing it every day.
     Trimming hair regularly.
     Massaging the scalp.
     Eating healthy.
10-To Hair Fall Control  Do not rub your hair vigorously with your towel. This will only lead to unwanted hair breakage. Use the towel instead to gently soak out excess moisture.


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