Thursday, March 6, 2014

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How do yo choose your wife ??


How do yo choose your wife ??

1-Happy woman in thought.
2-Avoiding a Woman of low moral standard.
3-She should be young.
4-She has to come from an intact family with original mother and father.
5-She should be a smiler.
6-Be a Good Wife.
7-she's mature enough to take on the responsibilities.
8-she's trustworthy.
9-Be influential, Patient and an Economist.
10-Age compatibility.
11-Understanding between the couples.
12-A good woman will speak her mind respectfully.
13-good woman should be able to let go of resentment and be capable of forgiveness.
14-A good woman will give you the space to be a man.
15-A good woman will not demand things from you.


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