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How do you choose your husband ??


How do you choose your husband ??

Choosing a good partner in life, is a very challenging thing to do, because any careless mistake might lead to a lifetime
of unhappiness
Before making a decision to marry any man, think first and please think wisely. First, consider these things:
1-Don't marry the person you think you can live with. Marry the one you can't live without.
2-It’s important that your ideal husband have equivalent intelligence and energy levels.
3-You must be very sure if you are ready in having a married life.
4-Choose a partner who expresses his love.
5-Don’t settle for anything less than magic. Magic is what happy families are made of
6-moral uprightness.
7-Religious Beliefs.
8-Consider the potential.
9-Observe his attitude.
10-The one thing on which I agree with Venker is that we should work harder to make our marriages work.
11-Find a man who has the same moral values, social skills, political affiliations and financial status as you.
12- Avoid the drop-dead gorgeous brawny man.
13-Has personal goals for self-improvement.
14-Commitment to personal growth.
15-Maturity and Responsibility.
16-High Self-esteem.
17-Positive Attitude Towards Life.
18-Desires to share feelings with partner.



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