Wednesday, March 5, 2014

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Nails care


Nails care:

Nails are protect your sensitive fingers and toes, and they help you pick up small things.

Nail Problems:
weak nails.
dry, hard but brittle nails.
Bacterial and fungal infections.
damage from using artificial nails.

To care of nails:
Trim nails after taking a bath or shower.
Put on organic cotton mitts in summer seasons to absorb perspiration.
Use Vaseline to reduce dry and brittle nails is to petroleum jelly.
keep the nails clean, trimmed, and moisturized.
Shape them straight across rather than to a point
Do not bite or pick them. Bitten nails are more easily infected.
Limit the use of nail-polish remover to twice a month.
Use cuticle cream, moisturizer, or olive oil to help prevent dryness, splitting, and hangnails.
Make sure you don't use unclean materials.


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