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Planning a Wedding Reception


Planning a Wedding Reception:

Your wedding is probably one of the most important days of your life. Only you know the planning and stress that go
into co-ordinating this once in a lifetime event.

A posse of male family and friends who assist the groom in planning and preparing for the big day.

The key to how to plan your wedding reception is to keep your wedding checklist handy.

The bride and groom's big responsibility is to get married.

Family members are usually more than happy to help prepare food for your reception.

Your friends and relatives are coming to your wedding because they care about you.

The whole goal of inviting our friends and families to weddings is to have them enjoy the time together,
to engage with people, and to celebrate with the couple.

Before you agree on the wedding invitations, you have to begin planning a wedding reception, which can be
the most challenging aspect of the entire process so You should plan for your wedding party.

Communicate with you partner to establish a clear idea of what each wants.
Don't let unexpected expenses blow your wedding budget.

Creating a great wedding reception menu doesn’t necessarily require a big budget, but it does require some planning.

Choose your wedding date (Set the date for your wedding before you start looking for locations).

Pick your venue (Consider non-traditional venues).
Consider having the ceremony and reception in the same place.
Decide whether you will have an indoor or an outdoor reception.

Select the number of guests and make sure that the restaurant has enough space to accommodate them.

Having music playing in the background during dinner.

Don't go overboard on reception decorations.

With Wedding Party you can capture some of the most important moments in your life and connect with your
guests in a way that has never been possible before.

Keep amazing memories with amazing photos.


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